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A brand is built upon the expectation, opinions and feelings experienced and expressed by people.

Saracen Technology can assist you in the building of an encompassing definition of who your company is and what it represents, based on your interpretations and ideas. In partnership with you, our Graphic design and digital project management team will develop an effective communication plan in order to demonstrate your ideals. Forming people’s impressions of your company is a continuous process of consistent communications that evolve parallel alongside the development and growth of the business, Saracen Technology can be with you throughout this design journey to support your branding needs.

Our Business Branding services include:
  • Logo Design.
  • Complete collateral design and delivery.
  • Provide a conceptual design for review.
  • Brand Guidelines.
  • Visual Identity Services.
Visual Identity

Saracen Technology offers the wide array of visual devises that define your Visual Identity, which, through our team, can be engineered to communicate your brand. Saracen Technology will engage with you to ensure your Visual Design Identity is exactly what you need, in the most effective way, using graphic imagery, a colour system, fonts, logos, stationery, signage, brochures and other such items.

Our Visual Identity Services include:
  • Collaterals. E.g. Stationary, etc.
  • Advertising.
  • Brochures.
  • Illustrations.
  • Posters, Mailers & flyers.
  • Signage.
Web Design

Saracen Technology Website design involves many components, including, but not limited to; icon design, user interfaces, fonts, imagery, colour and website layout. It involves the aesthetic arrangement and implementation of ideas and designs set about a specific purpose

Layout: The placement of advertisements, text or graphics are carefully thought out to present all necessary information in an easily accessible and appealing manner. Colours: We will build the design using web-safe colours to effectively convey the brand personality you want. Graphics: This includes, photos, clipart and icons, as well as logos and illustrations, placed appropriately to enhance the website, without congesting it, using the expertise of our design and web teams. Compatibility: Our Web Design service can include the design of webpages to suit different viewing options. Enabling easy viewing on computer, smartphones or tablets. These are just some of the Web Design features our service offers and excels in.

Our Photography services include: portrait and family photography, corporate photography, event photography and many other photography arenas.